Funky Doodles

In 2012 my friend Caren gave me 3 micron pens for a birthday gift. I had never used them before and enjoyed playing around and creating doodles with them. The my friend Les told me to try some colored pencils and things started to really come alive. One of my clients saw my designs and told me to frame them. I laughed and was embarrassed. I explained I just doodled to relax! I framed one and fell in love with my crazy art. Since then I have created like crazy which helps me to relax and escape life’s stress. I have been offered money for them but could never part with the originals. Making reprints are very expensive, so I never bothered. Then I was introduced to Amazon where I can sell them on T-shirt’s and people can enjoy them all they want. I would not consider myself an artist as I have never had any formal training but I do enjoy my doodles and I hope you do as well.  Thank you, Sharrie