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Molly the Elephant

Elephant. T-shirt, colorful, abstract, fun, whimsical, Artistic, Molly, unique,

Molly the Elephant.  Colorful and fun. A delightful image for a T-shirt and for all elephant lovers!

Steve the Bird!

Steve the bird, fun love, abstract, art, colorful, T-shirt, different, unique, whimsical

Steve the Bird is  sure to be the new love of your life when it comes to the fine feathered friend.

Meditation Gone Mad!

Meditation, fantasy, abstract design, art, fancy, crazy, unique, colorful, owl, apple, buildings,

Meditation Gone Mad! Is an image that came to me at the tale end of a meditation. I have no explanation but I am open to hear your interpretation!

Penelope the Pelican!

Penelope, Pelican, stork, colorful, art, abstract, unique, design, whimsical, fun, bird, ocean, fish

Penelope the Pelican will enhance your bird loving tshirt wardrobe with bright beautiful colors in an abstract art form.

Monna the Turtle!

Sea turtle, abstract, ocean, colorful, fun, unique, design, artistic, art, T-shirt, bright, special

Monna the Sea Turtle will certainly swim into your heart when you wear her. She is unique and special as she is named after a very special woman who had a great love for these beautiful creatures of the sea.

Suzie the Owl

Suzie owl bright beautiful design abstract art doodle colorful unique butterfly crazy wild

Suzie the Owl is named after one of my favorite aunts. She is a lover of owls and especially this one because one of her favorite nieces made it with her in m ind.  Colorful, bright and beautiful just like who she is named after.  This T-shirt is a must have!

Dawn the Cardinal

Red beautiful cardinal bird abstract art doodle bright colorful unique design T-shirt fun loving

Dawn the Cardinal is named after a beautiful woman that loved cardinals. Know that every time you wear this spectacular bird that a loved one is near you.